Andhra Boy Goes To Cops To File Complaint Against Friend Who Stole His Pencil, Watch

In today’s episode of heartwarming news from across the country, we bring to you the tale of a primary school student who knocked on the doors of PedaKaduburu Police Station in Kurnool, Andhra Pradesh requesting them to resolve his strange problem.

The boy, along with his classmate, went to the cops accusing the latter of stealing his pencil. The cops were intrigued by listening to their ‘pencil problem’. In the now-viral video, the boy went on to explain that his classmate took his pencil and books without his permission. He insisted the cops provide him justice and should file a complaint against his friend, reported The Indian Express.

After listening to his complaint patiently, the cops advised him to reconsider his decision of registering a complaint against his classmate and forgive him as that would mean that the kid would be sent to jail and his life would become miserable inside.

Three other children were also seen giggling behind them in the video, as the two classmates in question argued their case in their native language.

Sharing the video of the incident that happened in February, Andhra Pradesh Police wrote:

The cops were finally able to strike a compromise between them and make them promise that they wouldn’t take each other’s stuff without permission from now on.

The video has now taken social media by storm. This is what people online think of these confident lads.

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It’s impressive to see that these kids have so much trust in the cops and the judiciary. Kudos!

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