Andhra Family Prepares Grand Feast With 365 Food Items For Jamai Raja On Sankranti, Watch

In our country, sons-in-law are treated with immense love and respect. On special occasions, they are pampered like crazy, especially when it comes to food! A mother-in-law goes out of her way to cook special delicacies for her jamai raja. In the past, one woman cooked as many as 67 items for her son-in-law.

And now, in an incident that was reported from Andhra Pradesh, one family cooked a royal feast consisting of 365 dishes for their future son-in-law. This was done on the occasion of Sankranti or Pedda Panduga as it is called in Andhra Pradesh, which is considered to be an important festival.

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According to India Today, in Telugu tradition, it is customary to invite the son-in-law to the annual harvest festival. And this family went all out. T Subrahmanyam and Annapurna, who are natives of Krishna district, fixed their son, Saikrishna’s marriage to gold trader Atyam Venkateswara Rao and Madhavi’s daughter Kundavi of West Godavari.

So when Saikrishna visited the house of his soon-to-be in-laws, the bride’s family decided to treat him lavishly. The 365 food items included 30 different varieties of curries, rice, biryani, pulihora, 100 different types of traditional and modern sweets, 15 different types of ice creams, pastries, cake, hot and cold beverages and fruits.

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According to Times Now, the couple got married after the festival. Here’s a look at the video from the feast:

“To show our love for our future son-in-law, 365 varieties of food were arranged considering 365 days of a year,” said a family member.

We sincerely hope the son-in-law is a BIG foodie!

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