Times Now Host Scolds Wrong Panellist On Live TV Debate, Sparks Massive Meme-Fest Online

Goof-ups on live TV are not alien to Indian news channels. Earlier, one of them asked if Punjab CM and Navjot Singh Sidhu will ‘make out’.  An actress was also caught doing makeup during a live news debate.

Well, this time, a well-known Indian channel became fodder for jokes and memes after its anchor mixed-up names of the two panelists and bashed the wrong one on air.

Times Now anchor Rahul Shivshankar was having a debate on the Ukraine-Russia war when he became furious and started scolding Daniel McAdams, executive director of Ron Paul Institute which was intended for Bohdan Nahaylo, chief editor of Kyiv Post.

During the debate, Shivshankar told McAdams to ‘take a chill pill and relax’. Then, for the next minute, he went on bashing him saying “if you are concerned about Ukraine then get off the fence and send your forces. Don’t lecture us here in India.”

After being insulted for more than a minute, the OG McAdams finally interrupted Shivshankar and said, “Dear host, I have not said a word yet. I don’t know why you’re yelling at me.”

Responding to this, the anchor said, “I’m not yelling at you. I’m talking about Mr. McAdams.”

“I am Mr. McAdams and I haven’t said a word. So stop yelling at me,” McAdams angrily responded.

Take a look at the video here:

This hilarious gaffe went viral and inspired memes online. Here are some of them:

Thanks for making us laugh this hard. It’s been a while. 🤣

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