Amul ‘Celebrates’ Indian Women By Showing Them In The Kitchen At All Times, Ad Gets Slammed

If you think we have gotten over the patriarchal mindset that thinks women only belong in the kitchen and dowry is something to be celebrated, then you should watch some of the advertisements by Indian brands that will make you go ‘WTH’!

Now, the popular Indian dairy brand Amul has come up with a new advertisement for its products that comes across as ‘tone-deaf’.

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The ad portrays women of different age groups in stereotypical roles like cooking, taking care of the family, and making them happy by cooking food.

Through the advertisement, the brand allegedly “celebrates the spirit of every Indian woman who shapes the lives of all her loved ones”. So basically, all Indian women do is cook.

Watch the video here:

People online thought it was regressive and misogynistic. Here’s what some of them said:

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This, coming from a brand that is famous for its witty and funny posters and tributes, is even more disappointing.

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