Neena Gupta Speaks Of Her 1st Marriage To Amlan Ghose, Shares Why It Ended Within A Year

Actress Neena Gupta has often made headlines for her sassy approach to feminism and her never-say-die spirit. She has spoken at length about bringing up Masaba while she was a single-mom and even opened up about her casting couch experience in Bollywood.

This time, she speaks of her first marriage to childhood sweetheart Amlan Kumar Ghose. “I met him at an inter-college event and we hit it off immediately.”

He was apparently a student of IIT-Delhi, reports India Today. The young couple then met “secretly” on campus, near his hostel or close to her home. Gupta revealed that Ghose’s grandfather lived in her neighbourhood. so, Amlan spent festivals and holidays with his grandfather. This was how she got acquainted with him.

She says dating was “strictly forbidden” for her. But nevertheless, they went on dates in his car and hung out near his college. Neena soon revealed the truth of the relationship to her mother. However, DNA reports that her mother wasn’t happy about it. Later, when Amlan and his friends were planning a Srinagar vacation, Neena Gupta wished to join them.

“My mother was so strict that it was such a big thing to go out with boys for a trip. That was a very childish thing to do but I was childish. I don’t regret. It was part of growing up. That was me and it was okay. It was a very stupid thing to do but at that time, everybody is stupid,” she said.

She adds that her mother said she could go “anywhere with him” only after marriage. Neena revealed that was when they decided to get married in an Arya Samaj ceremony. She says Amlan’s parents weren’t in favour of his relationship, so they refrained from telling them about the nuptials.

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She explains that Amlan whisked her off to Srinagar after their wedding and they returned from the holiday “very, very happy.” The two moved into an appartment in Rajender Nagar while Amlan sought work. At the time, Neena Gupta was pursuing a masters degree in Sanskrit from Delhi University.

However, when Neena “started dreaming of becoming a theatre actor,” she says Amlan “viewed things differently.” While Amlan wanted to settle down at home and start a family, Gupta shares that she’d “become a bit too ambitious. “I didn’t see myself ever being a regular housewife.”

“During the short time” of their marriage, Neena says they didn’t quarrel much, and she doesn’t have a “harsh thing to say about him.” Nevertheless, in under a year of their wedding they “mutually and amicably decided to part ways.” 

She adds that Amlan’s uncle helped finalize their divorce proceedings. “Amlan was a wonderful man. We parted ways, and started our lives afresh.” Gupta is now married to Vivek Mehra, a Delhi-based chartered accountant and the couple has been together for over 20 years.

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