Amitabh Bachchan Says He’s Going “Beyond His Means” & Contributing Towards Covid Relief

From the common man to celebrities like Sonu Sood, every citizen is trying to do his bit to help India overcome the coronavirus pandemic. Amid this, Amitabh Bachchan clarified that his personal contribution is around ₹15 crores.

Penning down a blog post he said, “In this battle against this virus, many have contributed..the mention in the information circles resounds with the 2 cr that I donated for the care Centre in Delhi for the moment .. but as days go by the figure of my personal contribution and donation shall be about 15 crore rupees ..”

“Of course such figures are beyond my means, but I work and labour and resolve to dig into my earnings for those that need it most and with the kindness of the Almighty have been able to give this amount,” he wrote.

“If I am able to harness some more of my personal funds I shall not hesitate to contribute more,” he added, explaining that he listed down his charitable efforts after allegedly being accused of inaction.

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“This is not trumpeting my ‘wares’.. if at all it can be a motivation for many others to come forward and donate , the amount of misery that one hears and sees could be greatly reduced,” he concludes.

Amitabh added that should he be ‘able to muster more earnings’, he will ‘aim to give more’. Offering a status update on ongoing efforts, he said, “The Oxygen Concentrators, another dire need, has also been put on a very fast track through suppliers from the overseas companies,” he wrote. “Also I am happy to state that the 20 ventilators that I had ordered from overseas have arrived.”

Apart from Bachchan, Virat Kohli and Anushka Sharma have sought to contribute to covid relief by hosting a fundraiser. Rohit Shetty on the other hand, donated 250 hospital beds in Delhi to aid the fight against Covid. Do you think the celebrities are doing enough when it comes to covid relief?

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