Amitabh Bachchan Reveals The Advice His Father Gave Him To Help Him Make It In Bollywood

Legendary actor and television host, Amitabh Bachchan has often penned his thoughts in his blog and even offered an insight into his life. This time, HT reports him speaking of the time he decided to quit his job in Kolkata and become an actor.

Bachchan reveals that his parents wholeheartedly supported him, at the time and that his late father, poet Harivansh Rai Bachchan even offered him a very special piece of advice that stuck with him.

“Hum toh naukri kar rahe the Kolkata mein, company mein kisi. Jab idhar jaana chaha aur shuru mein jab idhar apply kiya toh hum reject ho gaye. Phir babuji ne kaha ki agar kisi ghar mein ghusna ho aur sab taraf se darwaze bandh ho toh deewar phand ke pohoch jaana chahiye toh hum deewar phand kar ke pohoch gaye Mumbai,” he explained.

It loosely translates to Senior Bachchan admitting , “When I was working in Kolkata and wanted to enter the film industry, I was rejected at first. Then my father told me that if you want to enter a house, and all doors are closed, scale the wall. I scaled the wall to reach Mumbai.”

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Big B explained that though his career took off, he regrets missing out on his kids Abhishek and Shweta’s childhood. “Woh humko humesha ek dukh raha hai ki subah jab jaa rahe hote kaam pe toh woh so rahe hote, wapas aate toh phir so rahe hote, kyunki der raat wapas aate the. Toh woh thoda sa kasht hua lekin ab sab samajdaar ho gaye hai.

He said that they were asleep when he would leave for work in the morning, they asleep again by the time he returned as it was late in the night. “I would feel a little bad but everyone is understanding now,” he concluded.

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