Amitabh Bachchan Shares Video Of 6-Year-Old Genius Kid Who Knows How To Fly A Plane!

Senior Bachchan is an active Instagrammer and this time around, a curious video has caught his attention. Spewing swift flight logic and flying factoids in the clip is a teeny little 6-year-old.

Amitabh Bachchan is all praise for the boy genius who makes perfect sense as he converses with a pilot. He knowledge of hydraulics, auxiliary power units (APU), and aeroplane landing gear would make your head spin!

Here’s the post Big-B shared on his Instagram complete with his incredulous caption-

“No no no no .. this guy is not real !!” wrote Bachchan.

However, Adam Mohammad Amer is now barely eight, but as real as it gets!

“If your plane is banking right, you reduce engine one and increase engine two,” he says in clip that went viral in 2017.

Though the then, six-year-old Adam, had no actual flying experience, all that was about to change. His prowess at understanding the complex operations of aeroplanes prompted UAE’s Etihad Airways to make him a very special offer. Adam was invited to the cockpit to play pilot for a day!

Take a look at the video featuring the Capt. Adam as he flies the world’s largest passenger plane, the Airbus A380-

We’re betting he’ll make a fine pilot someday. Don’t you?