Big B’s Cautionary Tweet Warns Of ‘6 Kinds Of Individuals’ We Must Save Ourselves From

The sudden news of superstar Amitabh Bachchan being diagnosed and treated for coronavirus broke out after he posted about the same on his personal social media account. Reports of his fans performing a non-stop yagna soon after, to ensure his and the Bachchan family’s health surfaced as well.

The veteran actor has never shied away from social media and is also known to be in the limelight for his tweets. His previous ode to the medics was also one of his tweets while in the hospital:-

On the night of July 15, he tweeted cryptic messages from the hospital about the type of people one should stay away from. Check out the tweets here:-

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He wrote that people who harbor feelings of dislike, dissatisfaction, anger, doubt, and “those who live off others” are the ones who remain sad in their lives. Thus, according to him, one should stay away from “such trendsetters.”

Whether it is just a meaningful life lesson or a hint towards something more problematic remains unknown. What do you guys think?

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