‘Don’t Rub Privilege On People’s Faces’ Amit Sadh Slams Celebs Posting Vacay Pics

Ever since the pandemic restrictions eased last year and people had the scope to travel and take that long-craved vacation, our social media feeds were flooded with pictures of Bollywood celebrities travelling to the Maldives. Now, is this insensitive? Actor Amit Sadh thinks so.

According to the Hindustan Times, Amit Sadh recently took a dig at celebrities and the “privileged lot” who shared their vacation pictures online while the country suffers from the coronavirus.

First, he took to Instagram to announce that he will be taking a break from social media, adding that his gym posts aren’t helping anyone while Mumbai is in a difficult situation.

“The recent events have made me reflect on whether I should be posting my pictures and reels. Especially when my city Mumbai and the entire state is under strict COVID restrictions. I believe my posts…will not heal or entertain anyone. I personally feel the best way to be sensitive about the situation is to pray and hope for things to get better,” he wrote.

Have a look at his full post here:

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According to News18, he opened up more about his decision in an interview. Commenting on celebrities sharing their vacation pictures online, he said that “some celeb profiles are startlingly disconnected from reality” and that “the privileged lot should be more sensitive at this time, and not rub their privilege in people’s faces.”

“Is Brad Pitt showing you that he is on an exotic island while the rest are battling corona? No, right? There’s so much suffering around and how can you pretend that it’s all okay because it hasn’t affected you? This has been on my mind for weeks. Everything is fake, where’s the place for simplicity?” he said.

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