American Living In Delhi For 7 Months Shares Positive & Negative Things About The City

While visiting a foreign country, one may be taken aback by how different everything is. Take for example, you’re an Indian and you visit Australia. You’ll be surprised by how empty the roads are with vehicles moving at a significant distance from each other, how green everything is and how clean the neighbourhoods are. It would be a stark contrast to the hustling and bustling streets of India.

Similarly, an American took to Reddit to share his observations after living in Delhi for 7 months. He is 22-years-old and his parents are from India, but he is an American citizen (probably born in America). While he has visited India before, he hasn’t stayed here for such a long time.

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He went on to list both positives and negatives of the city. The things he likes include the affordable autorickshaws, movie theatres, transport connectivity, book stores, lots of trees, etc.

“Autos are cool and affordable. Movie theatres here are nice. Generally good connectivity in North India due to trains and buses and lots of flights, all affordable. Great level of service at most places. Lots of bookstores and study supply shops for quick needs. Many dogs to pet. Great food. Lots of trees,” he wrote.

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On the contrary, here are the negatives that he listed:

“Too much staring and ogling. Lack of clean public water, water fountains aren’t as common here. Too much security and checkpoints. The whole country is like an airport. Blackouts and frequent electrical issues in facilities. Lack of public trash cans and the ones that are around are very small and often overfilled. Men not giving up seats for old ladies on the metro; teenagers talking loudly and doing flash photography at movie theaters,” he wrote.

Have a look at his post here:

American living in Delhi for 7 months. Observations. from india

However, he went on to list a set of other positives he found in the people here, like how elders are treated with much respect and how big our families are!

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While he says that the traffic can be bad, the connectivity (trains, metros, autos, etc.) is praiseworthy.

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Surprisingly, he doesn’t mind the heat!

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In case you are wondering what the guy was doing in Delhi and what he does for a living, he revealed that his family lives in the city and that he is working for the Indian office of an MNC.

Did you find his lists intriguing?

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