Abhishek Bachchan Explains Why Celebrities Were Serving Food At The Ambani Wedding

If you’re on social media, you must have come across videos from the Ambani Wedding. The sangeet performances, the Kanyadaan and even the Jamai Jeevan ceremony. This Jamai Jeevan ceremony, in particular, had the Internet divided. On one hand were people who saw Bollywood celebrities serving food to guests as a token of respect. Something that happens at most Indian weddings. But on the other side of the scale were people who were quite surprised. Why would they do that, they echoed.

So, Junior Bachchan cleared the air in this tweet

Sajjan ghot / Sajan Kot : The tradition explained

It is an age-old custom in Indian weddings. After the couple has exchanged garlands in the jai mala ceremony and before the saat phere take place, this ritual is performed. Essentially, a lavish seating arrangement is set up for the groom’s family with silver thaalis. The bride’s family serves them food and make sure they try every item on the menu. Earlier it was only the gentlemen from the groom’s side but today, even the ladies join in the Sajni Goth. In some parts of India, the silver thaalis are eventually gifted to the groom’s family and only after they have eaten, does the bride’s family have dinner.

Here are the people who liked the gesture


And here are the ones who didn’t


Did something like this happen at your wedding too? Did you serve your jiju and his parents when your sister got married? Tell us.

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