11 Candid Quotes By Kangana Ranaut That Prove She Is A Game Changer In Bollywood

Lately, her name has been uttered by almost every Indian with a hint of reverence. She has successfully disproved the theorem that every Bollywood movie needs a male lead for it to be a success at the box office. And neither does she adhere to the mantra that if you work with every Khan in Bollywood, you have reached your destination. She is without a doubt, the reigning queen of Bollywood.

Not only have her on-screen dialogues captivated many a hearts, but her blunt manner of speaking, her candour, her this-is-what-it-is and deal-with-it attitude towards the film industry is refreshing. I have called her a “game-changer” because there have been very few people so far- I doubt you will need two hands to count – who have candidly admitted that they received no support from their family about their choice of career, or there were days when they did certain films just so that they could have a meal a day, and she has taken up roles that are very different from the typical dance-around-trees routine.

Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you, Miss Kangana Ranaut at her best:

1. Admitting that her parents did not agree with the career she chose

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2. On the discrepancy in pay in Bollywood

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3. On rejecting a fairness cream brand

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She could have easily earned a few crores endorsing a fairness cream brand. But she chose the right way out.


4. On facing rejection

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5. On the difference in treatment of girls and boys in our society

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6. On why she did films like “Rascals” and “Dhamaal”

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I think it takes a certain kind of courage to admit shamelessly that you had to do something just for the sake of money. At some point or the other, we all have to think about money, but we are not necessarily open about it. And add to this the fact that after she said this, she might not get work from those directors and producers again – and still, she was very candid about it.

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7. On her journey in Bollywood

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8. On standing up for herself

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9. On accepting her faults

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…while other PR-oiled puppets are busy throwing confetti at themselves.


10. On supporting herself

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11. On her thoughts about marriage

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From a small-town girl who refused to listen to others’ opinions and staunchly believed in herself, to being able to single-handedly fill up seats in theaters across India, her journey is tremendously inspiring.


Isn’t she the best? Respect.

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