Netizens Cannot Get Over This Video Of An Alpaca Boarding A Cab In Peru!

We often come across situations when the cab driver refuses to take our beloved dogs and cats for a ride. However, while carrying your pet along might be a headache in India, it’s a completely contrasting situation in Peru.

When it comes to riding animals at the land of the Machu Picchu, even an Alpaca is welcome, let alone dogs and cats! Yes, you have heard that right.

In a video gone viral on social media, an elderly woman can be seen getting into a red cab. She was soon followed by her pet Alpaca, which swiftly moved into the small car. Interestingly, the driver closed the door without showing any hint of objection and they were all set to go.

You can watch the video here:

The video was shared on Instagram by Andre J Mendivil, who was walking on the streets of Cusco with his dad. And you can bet that the clip got the netizens laughing!

You can count me in.

It’s sad that we don’t live in Peru.

Damn sure!

I guess he loves long drives.

Why should humans have all the fun?

My pet is coming along!

Lit AF!

While Alpacas are love, I can just wish that my country was as cool as Peru.