Alia Bhatt’s Sister Shaheen Opens Up About Depression Following Kate Spade, Anthony Bourdain Deaths

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“The world reacted with shock when the headlines ran the stories of death and suicide of world-known personalities Kate Spade and Anthony Bourdain. While fans grieved in disbelief, writhing in the pain of the huge loss, mental health advocates knew that the talking about depression and anxiety is not an option anymore. It’s the need of the hour.

And that’s exactly what Deepika Padukone earlier with her post. And now Shaheen Bhatt, Alia Bhatt’s sister has realised the same. In fact, she has also penned an all-tell piece for Vogue about mental health. And it is as heart-breakingly real as her own struggle with depression.

Opening up about her own struggle, Shaheen unapologetically looked the silent killer in the eye and confessed that it could have easily been her.

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“I’ve lived with depression since I was 12 years old and since then I’ve been suicidal on more than one occasion.

Every time I hear of someone who was unable to go on living with the darkness within them, I’m reminded of how that could have just as easily been me.”

Talking about it at it’s worst, Shaheen also revealed why suicide can seem like an escape from everything inexplicable that depression brings along.

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In fact, she also gave us all a reality check we badly needed. She wrote,

Depression is a lousy hamburger that can instantly rob you of the will to live. It’s lying motionless in darkness for 48 hours, unkempt and unbathed. It’s shame. It’s isolation. And at its worst, depression leads to suicide. While there has been a definite upswing in conversation about depression and mental illness, it’s still such a taboo that we tend to talk about it in hushed tones and whispers.
We don’t like to talk about depression because there is nothing romantic or glamorous about feeling like you’re losing your mind; no attractive selfies are waiting to be taken when you’re curled up crying on the floor, no witty one-liners are floating around your mind to tweet for likes. But not talking about them is no longer an option. It’s a matter of life and death.


Well, like Shaheen mentions, the good thing a healthy dialogue about mental health has begun but it can not self-sustain. It has to be coupled with awareness, empathy and love and care by dear ones. And fortunately, sister Alia Bhatt knows that.

Alia recently took to Twitter and wrote the kindest words for her brave and ‘brilliant’ sister.

And she did so by sharing the article and spreading the word for mental health and its understanding.

Honestly, this is what the world needs. So, if you feel a friend/sibling/colleague falling off the track, listen to them and listen to them without rattling questions. You’d be amazed by the wonders just patient hearing can work.

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