Alia Bhatt Slams Media After It Suggests Ranbir Would Be ‘Picking’ Her Up From The UK

Ever since Alia Bhatt and Ranbir Kapoor announced their pregnancy, a lot has been said and reported about them. Trolling and mean memes also came their way.


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A popular entertainment website recently suggested in a social media post that Alia might have to return from the UK wherein she is currently shooting for her Hollywood debut. To pick her up, hubby Ranbir might fly to her.

Quoting another media house, the website said that Alia will be resting after she returns and has planned her pregnancy in a way that doesn’t affect any of her commitments.

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Alia wasn’t pleased with all these baseless claims. Hence, she decided to address the elephant in the room and wrote on her IG stories that we still live in a patriarchal world.

“Nothing has gotten delayed. No one needs to PICK anyone up. I am a woman, not a parcel. I do not need to REST at all but good to know you’ll have a doctor’s clarification as well.”

She concluded her strong-worded post by writing, “Can we please get out of this archaic way of thinking? Now, if you would excuse me, my shot is ready.”

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Media predicting something for someone with their old-school brains is uncalled for. But at least we have social media and people like Alia who prefer calling them out and their problematic mindsets.

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