‘Alexa, Ganpati Bhajan Bolo’ Dadi Maa Adorably Gives Alexa Instructions, Watch Video

I think we can all agree that grandparents are just the sweetest. Remember the granddad who’d lovingly greet his granddaughter every time? Or the grandpa who was given a makeover by his grandson? Well, this time around, a video shows a dadi maa attempting to give Alexa some instructions.

The innocent manner in which she makes her request for Ganpati bhajan has resonated with a lot of people online who were reminded of their own grandparents and their tryst with technology. It is unclear whether or not Alexa executes the order, but here’s a look at the adorable video:

The video was posted by Neha Sharma and people online thought Neha’s dadi is just the best. Here’s what they had to say about the video-

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Wasn’t that the cutest dadi ever? Brb gtg hug mine right now!

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