Twitter Digs Up Old Akshay Kumar Cigarette Ad After He Claims He’s Not Endorsed Tobacco

Akshay Kumar faced immense backlash recently after he was featured in an advertisement promoting a paan masala brand. Akshay has always been very vocal about living a healthy lifestyle and claimed that he steered clear of alcohol and cigarettes. To watch him promote a brand that sells tobacco products was disappointing for many.

The actor later posted an apology on social media letting his fans know that he stepped back from promoting the brand any further. However, in his statement, he mentioned that he has not and will not endorse tobacco, which seemed untrue to many.

People pointed out how in the past, Akshay Kumar promoted Red & White Cigarettes. Some also shared the poster for the same.

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They also went on to expose his dishonest clarification. Here’s what some of them said:

What are your views on this fiasco?

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