Akaash & Vanshika’s Hilarious Post-Breakup Phone Calls Get Leaked, Both Share Their Stories

In today’s episode of ‘What Went Crazily Viral On Social Media’, we bring to you leaked phone calls of Vanshika and Akaash.

The two recently broke up after 2 months of dating because Vanshika was taking things too seriously and Akaash freaked out. But before we get into all that, here’s what happened.

A couple of days ago, a video of Vanshika’s phone call was posted by Twitter user @hajarkagalwa who claims to be her friend. In the phone call, Vanshika is heard crying while she talks about her breakup with Akaash. It was their 2-month anniversary and the girl decided to do something special for him. So she got waxed and threaded. Basically, she spent painful hours inside a beauty parlour getting ready.

Not just that. She bought heels before they went on sale, started watching football for him, and ignored other guys who would wait outside the college gate for her. She did all this but Akaash said he wanted a “break” because he was “not sure” about he two of them.

The entire conversation is so hilarious that it would make you scream! Have a look:

This video has over 2 million views on Twitter alone. 2 days after the video went viral, a video of Akaash explaining his side of the story went viral too. It now has over 500K views. In it, he expressed what he thinks is the problem with the relationship.

According to him, spending hours in the parlour and getting ready as if it’s a wedding on their two-month anniversary is a bit too dramatic. Also, he says that Vanshika shouldn’t have embraced her inner ‘Kareena Kapoor’ and rejected all those guys who were waiting for her outside the college.

He further thinks that Vanshika only knows the names of Ronaldo and Messi because she finds them hot. Otherwise, she doesn’t know what ‘off-side’ means. Have a look:

See, now there’s always a possibility that this entire thing is scripted. But there’s also a possibility that this is a legit relationship crisis! 😛 From memes to jokes, the two videos managed to stir a lot of laughter online. Here’s how people reacted:

Have never laughed this hard in a long time! 😀

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