Ajay Devgn Reveals Kajol’s Reaction After Catching Him Staring At Other Women!

Ajay Devgn and Kajol are 100% the realistic representation of the saying “opposites attract”. Kajol’s vivacious nature and Ajay’s reserved personality make them a unique couple, sometimes making us wonder how their marriage survived this long!

They have spoken about their relationship dynamics over a lot of different interviews. While many celebrity couples tend to highlight the best in their relationships, Kajol has always been very vocal and true about the messy part of marriage, how it’s not all romance and butterflies.

Kajol being Kajol, the outspoken, commanding, but also a tremendously fun woman makes a pretty cool wife. And Ajay’s recent revelation is proof.

Ajay is preparing for his next De De Pyaar De in which his character falls in love with a woman half his age making his ex-wife jealous. Speaking on whether he has had similar experiences in his real life, Devgn said that he has “never had that kind of a relationship as shown in the film”.

However, he confesses to having been attracted to other women and believes it’s normal to feel that way. But the real question is, how does Kajol react on seeing him staring at other women. And his answer is too cool to be true!

According to sources, Ajay revealed that Kajol usually “would pass a comment, which would be a joke”.

Honestly, that’s more like the Kajol we know!

One could tell that after so many years, the two have long passed that stage of jealousy. Ajay told sources, “I’ve reached a point when, without even looking at her, I can sense that she’s feeling low. Similarly, she knows in a second if something’s wrong with me. Then we talk it out and comfort each other. That’s how much our relationship has evolved.”

Kajol added, “Contrary to what you may believe about marriage, it’s not all rosy in the beginning.”

“Initially you’re trying to please each other, feeling your way around, so it’s difficult to take the relationship to the next level. Only when the storm has settled, and the routine has set in – when you’ve seen the good, bad, indifferent sides of each other – does your relationship evolve. We work at our marriage. We see it as a structure that we need to look after.”

In De De Pyaar De, his ex-wife is played by the talented Tabu. However, Ajay gives a hilarious answer on why Tabu insists on remaining single because she hasn’t found the perfect partner. He says, “She wants a guy like me, which she won’t get.”

Kind of giving us #couplegoals, aren’t they?