Ajay Devgn Defends Doing Vimal Ads Post Akshay’s Apology, Says It’s A ‘Personal Decision’

People recently called out ‘Khiladi’ actor Akshay Kumar after he joined the ‘Vimal Universe’ following the footsteps of Bollywood actors Ajay Devgn and Shah Rukh Khan.


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He was even called a hypocrite and slammed for promoting the tobacco selling brand. But after the social media outrage, Kumar publically apologized for endorsing ‘Vimal Elaichi’ and promised to take better decisions in the future.

Following his step back from the tobacco brand, all eyes were now on the other two actors. When ‘Singham’ actor Ajay Devgn was asked to comment on Akshay’s apology, he defended his ‘personal choice’ and stated that if the product is harmful then it should not make it to the market.

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“It is a personal choice,” Hindustan Times quoted him saying.

“When you do something, you also see how harmful it would be. Somethings are harmful, some are not. I would say it without naming it because I don’t want to promote it; I was doing elaichi. What I feel is more than advertisements, if certain things are so wrong, then they should not be sold.”

Ajay defended himself by saying that he was promoting elaichi or cardamom in the ad. However, surrogate advertising is huge in the country wherein brands promote a product/service by disguising it as some other product/service under the same brand name and in this case, using the same tagline and the cover of the packet as that of tobacco sold by ‘Vimal’.

What do you have to say about Ajay’s statement?

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