“I Said Stop It!” Aishwarya Tears Up After Paparazzi Harass Her And Aaradhya At An Event

There is often the perception that celebrities enjoy all the attention that the paparazzi bestows on them. But the cold, real facts are that sometimes, the shutterbugs flashing their lenses at you can become a real nuisance, as was the case with Aishwarya Rai Bachchan today.

It was a bittersweet occasion for the actress and former Miss World as she honoured her late father’s memory by visiting a children’s hospital with mother, Vrinda Rai, and daughter Aaradhya.

Her father, Krishnaraj Rai, passed away earlier this year. On his birth anniversary, Aishwarya pledged to sponsor surgeries for 100 children born with a cleft lip. The event was organised by the associated NGO, Smile Train India.

However, what was meant to be a simple and peaceful event for the children turned into a chaotic affair after the media present grew raucous. At first, Aishwarya calmly requested them all to keep it quiet.

But the photographers continued snapping pictures and arguing with the organisers who tried to get them to shut up and listen to the actress. Aishwarya was clearly disappointed.

“Stop it. I’m talking!
Ek second ke liye bandh kijiye.
Ek shan mein kya badalne
wala hai?”

When the paparazzi finally did keep a moment’s quiet, Aishwarya proceeded to reason with them. She told them that their hullaboo was likely to scare the children, one of whom was her own daughter, Aaradhya.

“We’re here only.
You’ll get your photographs and what you want to take. Okay? Shanti se. Thank you.”

It looked like the paparazzi had got her message and would be obliging. However, soon enough, the noise levels began rising again, causing Aishwarya to give stinking looks to the overzealous media. Again.

A visibly rattled Aaradhya could be seen in the background as well as insistent volunteers who were trying to keep the situation under control, but in vain.

“Listen, stop it. I’m seriously saying stop. Please.”

An emotional Aishwarya went on to rebuke the paparazzi for acting as if the charity event was some kind of a movie premier.

Her frustration was evident from her tear-laden eyes as she tried to keep it together while keeping a smiling face for daughter Aaradhya and the other kids as they waited to cut the cake.

And then, when despite all her pleas and the organisers’ efforts to keep them calm, the paparazzi rose up in chaos again, Aishwarya lost it.

She almost banged both her hands down on the table as the media continued to blatantly disregard her multiple requests.

It took daughter Aaradhya’s considerate gesture of handing her mom the knife to cut the cake to calm Aishwarya down.

You can watch the video here.

It is quite sickening to watch paparazzi turn an emotional event in memory of a departed loved one in to a circus show.

Agreed that this is a part of their job. However, an ardent request from a bereaved celebrity who is at her most vulnerable is something that needs to be honoured. It’s a simple question of humanity.

Like Aishwarya said, what is wrong with you guys?