I Tried All Mobile Networks To Finally Settle For Airtel, Here’s My Experience

Social media has always interested me, and I love my daily feed of the plethora of videos and posts I get on my timeline. Being a millennial and working primarily with social media to keep up with the recent trends, I needed a seamless network to help with my Internet going AWOL on me when I was on the move.

I mean my work doesn’t stop, so I needed a connection that didn’t let me down.

I was going crazy with all the changes in the networks I used.

Now, I have changed a lot of networks, sometimes because of price hikes, bad calling or data rates or changing prices where you get lesser and lesser data for the same price until you get angry and switch over, again.

I was obviously in a lot of trouble over this because I missed important emails which needed instant attention as my network just wouldn’t co-operate with me. (and YouTube would start bufferring just at the right moments to spoil my experience. Arggggh!)

I did what any person frustrated with my predicament would do- switch networks!

Finally, frustration got the better of me and I decided to switch my network again. But I was in a fix as I had already tried so many.

Finally, I decided to pick Airtel because I had an empty slot in my phone anyway (dual SIM ftw!), and what did I have to lose? Just another sim card!

But… Research first.

Being the sceptic that I am, I decided to do my research first, because as the saying goes, “Once bitten twice shy” (duh!)

Curious, I hopped on to their website and after some research, I discovered that it had been given the fastest network award for the third time in a row.

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To my surprise, The Ookla speed test had given them an average rating of 9.05 as compared to other networks viz Vodafone (8.02), Idea (7.52), Jio (7.34) etc.

Now I don’t know whether it was my location earlier but I did have Airtel at one point and switched from it too, for obvious reasons. But that was long time ago.

But I was back to the home ground and was happy to discover that they had actually upped their game.

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Excited, I switched over to Airtel and suffice it to say that I have not missed an urgent mail since. (or a joke punchline while watching standup comedy) 🙂

My influx of Instagram pictures at all times piqued the interest of my colleagues (There are very few people who can post a selfie on a local train with #mood).

I had become the know-it-all of mobile networks. But, not so fast?

So, obviously when a colleague of mine was ranting about her mobile network woes, I advised her to switch over to Airtel, and she did. However, things weren’t as seamless for her as they were for me.

We were disappointed and were almost sure that this was too good to be true. However, she thought that maybe, it was an issue in her area of residence.

Eureka! Open Network feature.

But Airtel had a solution for that too! The app’s ‘Open Network’ feature allowed her to see how many towers were installed in her area.

Btw, found a bunch of testimonials on YouTube too, you can watch another customer’s story here:

I think Airtel’s slogan “Sab Kuchh Try Karo, Fir Sahi Chuno” stands true for me because I have tried everything and it was Airtel 4G that gave me the ‘all-in-one’ experience.

So far, so good. Fingers crossed! 🙂

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