Man Prints Realistic AirPod Stickers, Pastes Them On Ground Across City To Prank People

Does it ever bug you that AirPods don’t have wires? I mean, how do you stop them from slipping out of your ears and falling into a gutter? Wired earphones at least have that safety option! AirPod users surely run the risk of their precious (and ridiculously expensive) wireless earphones falling off. And one man took advantage of this fear and pranked the hell out of AirPod users!

According to a report by The Indian Express, a digital artist named Pablo Rochat printed life-sized AirPod stickers across the city of San Francisco and documented people getting pranked!

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He took to Twitter to post pictures of the stickers and how they looked when they were pasted to the ground. If I had to come across one of these, I’d definitely think them to be real!

He then posted of video of the pasting process:

And then, he shot a video of the prank in action! It’s hilarious to see people walking up the stairs and trying to pick the AirPod (sticker) off the ground!

People on the internet are lauding the evil genius and are in splits watching the victims of his cruel prank!

See, you wouldn’t fall for the prank if you used the good old wired earphones!

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