Car Explodes As Man Lights Cigarette Minutes After Spraying Air Freshener


We all know road safety is of utmost importance as accidents can sometimes prove fatal. While on rare occasions you might miraculously escape a crash or be saved after a collision but it’s not necessary the odds will work in your favor always.

However, luck seemed to favor a car owner from the UK. The unsuspecting driver sprayed air freshener from an aerosol can inside his vehicle before taking off. After some time he lit a cigarette, igniting the gas from the spray leading to a massive explosion.

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Witnesses said the force was so great it blew out the windscreen and windows of the car and buckled the doors as well, reports NDTV. The windows of nearby businesses were also damaged. Miraculously the man escaped and only sustained minor injuries.

The ignorant man was parked on a busy street in Halifax in West Yorkshire when the incident occurred. Fire brigade and the cops visited the scene as the street was cordoned off.

Fire investigation officer John Cavalier said the driver sprayed a generous amount of aerosol in the car. He was quoted by the Sun saying “He’s then shut the doors for ten minutes to let the nice smell sink in before he got in, opened the windows and drove off. After around half a mile he closed his windows and lit a cigarette which caused the explosion.”

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The police mentioned, “This could have been worse.” They urged the public to be careful with aerosols and to follow the guidelines on the cans as the air fresheners can be extremely flammable.

The unnamed driver was treated in the hospital for burns to his hands and face and is now recovering at home. We hope he is more careful henceforth.

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