AIIMS Rishikesh Shockingly Tells Man He’s HIV Positive By Mistake, Court Slaps ₹60,000 Fine

Whenever ill, we visit a hospital with so much trust and hope to get treated by the doctors and return home hale and hearty! Because that’s how it’s supposed to be, right? Hospitals and doctors are meant to carry out a check-up of an ailing person, diagnose the disease and provide the correct treatment. And there’s no rocket science behind the concept!

But what if your doctor makes a ‘mistake’ and tells you that you have a deadly disease like AIDS? It would be nothing less than a nightmare!

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But this nightmare has come true for Naseem Ali, a resident of Bhagwanpur in Haridwar. He visited a private hospital in Roorkee in 2014 following an injury. It was found that his blood wasn’t clotting and so he was transferred to AIIIMS Rishikesh soon for further tests and treatment.

Several tests were conducted by the doctors in AIIMS to figure out the reason behind his blood clotting issue. The results of the blood tests done by AIIMS stated that Naseem was HIV positive, reports TOI.

A few days later as his condition deteriorated, he was taken to a private hospital. Naseem once again went through several blood tests and the results showed that he was HIV negative and was not at all suffering from AIDS.

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Naseem filed a complaint against AIIMS for the wrong diagnosis. The court recently gave its final verdict and slapped a penalty of Rs 60,000 on AIIMS for their carelessness. “AIIMS delivered inadequate services thereby causing mental trauma to the complainant,” said the court. The hospital is ordered to pay Naseem the fine within a month.

Meanwhile, Dr. Manoj Gupta from AIIMS has, however, bashed the allegations and said it was just an error in the documentation of the reports and that Naseem was told about him being HIV negative the very next day. He also claimed that it was nowhere mentioned on the discharge papers that he was HIV positive.

Such ‘mistakes’ from a respected medical institution like AIIMS is clearly not acceptable! We hope they take extra care while diagnosing diseases from now on.

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