AIB Is Back. And This Time, They’re Talking On Something We Should All Worry About.

How would you feel if you were asked to pay separately for each and every app you have in your phone? Don’t like the idea, do you? Then watch this video, now.

All India Bakchod is back, but with a rather important message: We need to help keep the internet a free space for all of us.

Yes, they’re here to talk about Net Neutrality, and just how much of a concern it should be for the public. If you’re even a little bit confused about what net neutrality is, and why you should care about it, this video will clear things up for you. With their analogies that are absolutely spot-on, you’ll understand why you need to fight telecom operators who are going to make you pay for the websites you use by controlling the speed of your internet connection or providing paid partner services free of cost.

We need to fight this. Because the internet is a free space, and no one should be allowed to make a business out of it.

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