AI Generated Virtual Hands Accurately Recreate Songs Played By Professional Pianists

If you like to keep abreast of technological advancements in the field of AI (artificial intelligence) or love to see mesmerizing 3D renderings, this is going to be a treat. Canada-based Massive Technologies has created an AI pianist that can listen to musical compositions and recreate them with its AI hands.

The company observed professionally trained pianists, their hand movements and playing techniques to generate these realistic animations, reports News18. Watch it in action playing the Tom & Jerry “Cat Concerto” and a melody from the movie ‘Soul’.

Having said that, the AI hands can only recreate songs that two human hands can play. When it is asked to play a “black midi” piece that is considered unplayable because of billions or trillions of notes, it faces a glitch. Take a look.

*Epilepsy trigger warning*

Having launched the AR pianist app in 2017, the company is now working on a new and improved app that will let users point it to any audio source and have a virtual pianist play it. Co-founder Fayez Salka says that the app could be used by piano teachers for virtual classes, for virtual concerts or by filmmakers and game creators who wish to include piano scenes in their work. How cool is that?

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