AI Depicted What A Bengali Wedding Looks Like But Bengalis Are More Interested In The Fish

If you think that Bengalis are obsessed with fish then let me tell you that you are…100% correct. Bengalis love their fish and it is something that we have grown up eating. Try eating a bhetki fish fry with kasundi (mustard sause) and you’ll get the hype.

Fish is such a huge part of our culture that a Bengali wedding is incomplete without it. From having a fried fish head kept on a silver bowl for every auspicious meal to the bride’s side literally gifting an entire fish to the groom’s side on the day of the wedding, fish is everywhere.

Representational image

Now, you may have spotted this trend of people posting artificial intelligence-generated pictures of men and women belonging to various Indian states based on stereotypes. So, a Twitter user @baghardh shared an entire thread of wedding pictures from Indian states that are AI-generated.

One of the tweets from the thread showed two pictures from a Bengali wedding where a couple is seen weirdly looking at each other and what’s weirder is that there’s a massive fish in between them. Someone kindly explain this:

It’s like the fish is third-wheeling into their marriage.

Have a look at the tweet here:

What’s funny is that when Bengali people came across these pictures, they were really interested in knowing where they could find a fish this large in size! Have a look at some of the reactions here:

While this is a bizarre representation of Bengali weddings but there’s still some truth in this! 😛

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