“Kiss Your License Goodbye!”, Says RTO To Those Caught Driving On The Wrong Side Twice In Gujarat


Driving on the wrong side of the road seemed like no big deal when you had to pay a paltry traffic fine. However, the traffic police department in Ahmedabad sought to change this. Together with the RTO (Regional Transport Office), they came to a conclusion that allows them to inflict a lifetime ban on repeat offenders.

Drivers caught driving on the wrong side of the road twice in Gujarat shall be in major trouble.

The traffic police will be lodging an FIR against you, following which, the RTO will take action. Repeat offenders stand to be blacklisted or could have their license cancelled permanently.

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First-time offenders shall get a slap on the wrists

If a person is caught driving on the wrong side of a road for the first time, he or she will be booked by the police. The RTO will suspend the license for a period ranging from three to six months. If the same person is found breaching the rule again, the license will be terminated permanently by the RTO and he or she will be blacklisted.

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According to TOI, Sanjay Kharat, DCP Traffic (West) stated-

“Earlier, driving licenses could be canceled if the offender was caught breaking rules for five times.

“But with the amended traffic laws, traffic police can recommend RTO to cancel the license if the rule violator is caught in two offenses.”

Ahmedabad’s traffic police teamed up with RTO and cancelled seven driving licenses yesterday. This proves that the amended law is very much in effect. Drive prudently, peeps!

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