Ahmedabad: Guy Shares How 14-YO Sells Dahi Kachori To Support Parents, Foodies Arrive To Help

Last year, all it took for Baba Ka Dhaba to go viral was a video and one person’s heartfelt plea to citizens to help the elderly couple. Hours later, several people thronged the eatery not just to help Baba financially but also to taste his food.

Similarly, a video of a 14-year-old boy in Ahmedabad selling dahi kachori went viral. The video was shared by Twitter user Vishal Parekh who revealed that the boy is working hard to help his family. Have a look:

Many people online shared the video and asked those living in Ahmedabad to visit the boy and buy dahi kachori from him at Maninagar Railway Station.

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Just a day or two after the video went viral, innumerable people thronged the teenager’s humble stall. Videos captured how the boy was surrounded by customers! Have a look:

The power of social media is indeed remarkable!

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