Agra Construction Company Builds Road Over A Dog’s Body, Furious Twitter Gets Police Involved

Let me just insert a disclaimer here, that no matter what plausible explanation you read ahead, nothing can justify what has happened in this horrific situation in Agra.

A road construction company working on the Fatehpur road in Agra seems to have had no qualms constructing a part of the road on the body of a dog. Yes, you read that right.

While India Today has confirmed in its report that the dog was already dead when this happened, there are other reports that claim locals saw the dog alive and howling in pain when hot tar was poured on him. The constructions workers allegedly turned a blind eye to this and continued to build the road over the animal.

There were also claims that poor-lighting may have prevented the workers from seeing the dog.

The incident sparked massive outrage on social media over the inhumane treatment of the animal.

From shaming the construction company to tagging the Chief Minister, PETA and Agra Police, Twitterati unleashed their full wrath over this horrific incident.


How was this allowed to happen?


The company, identified as RP Infraventure, has been issued a notice by the PWD. And following a police complaint, the poor animal’s body was also extricated from that tragic scene using a crane.

Let’s hope the inhuman perpetrators of this monstrous act are brought to justice.