Love A Leisurely Snooze? Study Reveals Afternoon Naps Help Keep Heart Attacks Away!

Here’s good news for the people who love snoozing! Apparently, afternoon naps are hands down the best stress relievers. And those who call you lazy for taking noon naps are highly mistaken or so says a recent study.

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According to a study by the Royal College Of Physicians, people who take afternoon naps are at 50% less risk of suffering a cardiac arrest as compared to those who don’t.

During the research carried out by University Hospital of Lausanne in Switzerland 3,400 people from the age group 35-75 years were monitored for ther sleeping habits for an average of five years. During the study, 155 cases of a heart attack were noticed. Researchers found out that people who took afternoon naps had 50% less risk of heart diseases than those who did not nap at noon.

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Study’s lead author said:

“This association held true after taking account of potentially influential factors, such as age, and night-time sleep duration, as well as other cardiovascular disease risks, such as high blood pressure and cholesterol. And it didn’t change after factoring in excessive daytime sleepiness, depression, and regularly sleeping for at least six hours a night. “

Another professor who was a part of the research team added,”Those who nap one to two times per week have healthier lifestyles or organized lives that allow them to have these naps, whereas those who nap nearly every day are likely to be more sick. This means the former pattern of occasional napping is intentional and the latter of more regular napping likely represents sub-clinical illness linked to poorer lifestyle. This would then explain the differential risks.”

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Hence proved, an afternoon nap a day helps us have a healthy heart. And I swear, I’m very health conscious! So boss, can I take my noon nap break now?

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