Man Catches 3 Afghan Kids Carrying Little Chicks In Their Pockets; Watch Video


“Mummy please ek doggo le lete hai.” This is the only persistent request I had as a child. However, no matter how hard I tried convincing my mom that I’ll clean my dog’s potty, she never let me have a pet. In fact, I was so fed up of trying that I once tried sneaking my neighbor’s dog Sheru into my house. But obviously, I failed miserably.

Speaking of which, I recently stumbled upon a video of three kids in Afghanistan who were caught red-handed while innocently carrying little chicks in their pockets. The video shared by twitter user Qudsia Qanbary shows three boys walking by when a man stops them. Surprisingly, when asked to empty their pockets, the startled boys pull out little chick, reports the Indian Express.

Have a look at the entire video:

In the end, the boys can be seen walking away with the little birds. Aww. Many people on the internet couldn’t stop laughing over the innocent act.

This sure reminded me of my fun childhood days. How about you? Tell us!

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