25 Stunning Aerial Photographs That Show Cities Around The World Like Never Seen Before


Planet Earth is a beautiful place. We have immaculate geographical locations given to us by nature and man-made marvels spread all around the earth. But you don’t get the most beautiful views of these wonders by looking at them from the front.

Airpano, a group of Russian photographers capture the pristine beauty of cities around the world by taking mesmerising aerial photographs. Check out a compilation of their brilliant work below.

1. Wah, Taj!



2. Just WOW!



3. Is that a park? No, it is the St. Basil’s Cathedral


4. As pretty as a lotus


5. ‘Emerald City’ shining bright


6. La Plata in all its glory


7. Our beloved Tricolour soaring high at Lal Qila


8. Sky is the limit


9. The city of organised chaos


10. ‘City of love’ for a reason


11. Is there anything more perfect than this?


12. Medieval architecture with modern charm at Lucerne


13. Hero’s Square at Budapest


14. Beauty lies in symmetry


15. The ever-beautiful Amsterdam

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We love Amsterdam, and it is always a pleasure, even on a rainy day, which is not rare here, to stroll along the canals, admiring sailing boats, trying famous warm Stroopwafel with caramel, and enjoying the sound of the church bells. The residents of the city are very friendly and helpful, so no need to be afraid of getting lost, they will always help you find your way. Each year around four-and-a-half million tourists visit Amsterdam, which is about five times more than the city's population. Amsterdam is definitely one of the cities where you want to go back! #airpano #aerial #awesomeearthpics #city #cityscape #architecture #architecturelovers #architecturephotography #discoverglobe #awesomeearth #photooftheday #travelamsterdam

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16. Simply breathtaking!


17. Christ the Redeemer looking over Rio 


18. Imperfect, yet stunning!


19. The spellbinding Colosseum at Rome


20. A festival in the sky


21. God made Earth and man made it better


22. Where the land kisses the sea


23. Royalty in a picture 


24. The city of Lillies is as pretty as a flower


25. And finally, another magnificent picture of the Taj Mahal

So which one of these locations are you headed for?

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