From ‘Maa K Pass Baitho’ To ‘Eat Pizza’, Desis Share Advice To Help You Through The Day

We’re living in tough times and nothing seems to be going right. And amid all the misery and confusion, staying sane, productive and at peace seems to be a herculean task. Each day feels longer than ever. However, I feel, someone’s little pep talk and motivation can help us get through the day.

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Hence, while scrolling through social media, when we found this post wherein people were giving a piece of advice in order to help others get through the day, we thought of sharing it with you.

While some hilariously instructed others to forget their ex, others said, ‘maa k pass baitho’.

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A handful of people also penned little positive notes and said ‘this too shall pass.’

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Today, everyone’s fighting their own battle. Therefore, if you wish to give them a little push to get them going, then don’t forget to share this with them.

Also remember, everything will be okay soon!

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