Guy Seeks Advice After His Nosy Relatives Questions About His Salary & Asks For Money

Relatives can be really nosy and annoying at times. From passing unsolicited comments about your body and relationship status to insulting you outright amidst everyone, it’s best to keep some of them at bay and not share personal details with them.

For example, one guy took to Reddit to ask for advice after his relatives allegedly started to ask about his salary. He said that after his parents disclosed his salary, which is decent enough, to his relatives, some of them have been behaving differently – his cousins have apparently been jealous, some have been asking him for money, and some have been brainwashing his parents to take his earnings from him.

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“It’s quite a high paying job and this fact started coming back at me in a way that I didn’t think about. I started feeling changes in behavior of the relatives. I felt cousin getting jealous, relatives trying to go deeper into my finances and investments, asking for money because they think as a bachelor I would be saving all the money that I’m getting while they are in dire need, others would try to convince my parents that I should give whole or part of what I earn to parents because that’s my responsibility while I believe to help my parents if and when they need but without the third party interference,” he wrote.

Have a look at his full post here:

Do you tell your salary to the Relatives? from india

When he asked Redditors what he should do, many offered him practical advice. While some suggested drawing boundaries, others said that he should always tell a lower version of his salary to relatives to keep them disinterested.

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Money matters are extremely sensitive issues. It can break relationships and bring bitterness into your life if you don’t set proper boundaries with people.

Have you ever had such encounters with relatives? Share with us!

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