From Teaching ‘Respect’ To ‘Consent’, Men Share Tips For Young Parents Raising Sons

Bringing up a kid in the current times is very risky and definitely demands a lot of dedication. Hence, new parents often turn to those with experience to learn how to handle them better.

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But this time, it’s the sons who have been giving out advice to parents bringing up young boys at present.

Sons, what advice would you give to parents bringing up young boys these days? from AskMen

From teaching them ‘open-mindedness’ to ‘allowing the child to find his own interests’, sons of Reddit shared some honest advice for parents bringing up young boys.

Let them do what they like.

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Your presence matters.

Let them be ‘boys’.

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Teaching them personal responsibility and consent.

Don’t try to find yourself in them.

Parenting is no child’s play. Hence, this guidance from sons themselves might help many.

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