30 Hilarious Comics That Show If Your Cat Was Your Boss, It Just Won’t Give A Damn!

If you’re a cat lover, then you’d know how these adorable smartypants are, when it comes to helming things (literally, though!). Cats are smart, wild, intelligent, lazy, selfish but then they are great snugglers and pretty much comfort you in every mood.

Created by Tom Fonder, The Adventures of Business Cat is a webcomic about the life of the world’s wealthiest business tycoon who manages a multi-billion dollar corporation.

And how does that pan out? Here, take a look.

1. Well, sounds necessary.


2. LapCat…err…CatLap..err…BossCat.


3. Just a usual day at office.


4. Trim and proper!


5. Can it BE more drastic?


6. Well, Boss Cat has ’em priorities straight.


7. Box-paradise.


8. When the boss is away, employees will play…err..work.


9. Have you seen their boss?


10. Some cat business.


11. Boss can do whatever he wants.


12. Aww, that’s so cute!


13. Self love be like…


14. Total Puss in Boots moment.


15. The vetting so apt.


16. Some essential task, huh!?


17. Uh-oh! Janet, get Mr Cat out will ya?



18. Office stationery list changes when you have a Boss Cat.


19. Cat-Tree-Topper!


20. When opportunity presents itself in front of Mr Cat, he takes it.


21. Literally butt-licking they meant, guys.


22. Wut? Not all cats are huggers.


23. Well, that’s some stuff.


24. That weapon ?


25. Mr Cat has no compassion.


26. That’s how he rewards.


27. That’s how you use the copier.


28. The position that suits Boss Cat.


29. A little scratch here and a little scratch there.


30. You just can’t outsmart the boss, can you?

They are funny, aren’t they? Purring with laughter are ya?

Image and H/T: Bored Panda