Are You An ‘Adulting’ Fan? Ace This Quiz To Prove Your Love For The Series

We all know, adulting is tough. But it’s more than those sudden muscle pulls and cheating boyfriends. The real struggle comes when we shift to an entirely new city to realize our dreams. When we meet random strangers and try to make them a part of our lives and share toilets with them. When we make checklists of things that need to be done before one of our moms visits us. When we are drunk AF but still keep a check on the other friend because usko zyada chadhi hai.

Well, ‘Adulting’ series on Amazon miniTV portrays the real and relatable problems of two young women in their 20-something, trying to make it through their quarter-life crisis. 

‘Adulting’ latest season is worth a binge, so go to Amazon Shopping App now and watch it on Amazon miniTV. If you are an asli ‘Adulting’ fan then you can ace this trivia quiz.

But before, take a look at this video to jog your memory:

1. What colour-themed birthday party does Ray throw for Nikhat? Hint: It's Nikhat's favourite colour!

2. The two girls were obsessed with this Bollywood drama film. They even quoted dialogues from it. Can you name the movie?

3. What's Nikhat's nickname and why?

4. If the two protagonists, Ray and Nikhat, are to open a bakery, what’s the savoury dish that’s going to be a hit?

5. How does Ray describe her job in the 1st season?

6. The first episode of ‘Adulting’ dropped on __________.

7. Who is the younger one in the friendship?

8. Don’t call yourself an ‘Adulting’ fan if you don’t know the title of its first episode.

9. In Season 2 Episode 1, where does Nikhat say she needs to relocate for a year for her job?

10. In Season 2, the young Ray introduces Nikhat with a BF. Naam toh suna hoga?

11. What serious workplace problem does Nikhat deal with in Season 2?


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