Little Girl Shares Her Memory Of The Time She First Met Her Adoptive Parents, Watch Video

Each one of us loves our parents, but we seldom take a moment to have a word with them and tell them how much we love them. Now a video of 4-year-old Gaby, recalling the moment she first met her adoptive parents is going viral on social media.

The way Gaby talks about her parents and little sister Lily who too was adopted with Gaby is too cute and adorably eloquent for a pre-schooler. Her sweet words and innocent voice will surely melt your hearts.

Talking to her mum about the day Gaby and Lily came home for the first time, Gaby said, “When we were born, we came two little babies and then, Lily was still a baby and I was four-years-old. I got so big and Lily was still a baby, right?” reports Daily Mail.

She continued to talk about meeting her parents the first time and said,

“And when the time you see her, she was one-year-old. We were very excited to meet you and our daddy. And we love you guys and we want to be here for you and daddy.”

Take a look at the video here-

 As per a report in The Sun, the girl was 4 when they brought her home from China to the US. She is reportedly 5-years-old now. Her mother can be heard repeatedly saying ‘Awww’ to Gaby’s cute thoughts about her parents and responded, “Awww, and I was very excited to meet you too.”

Talking about her younger sister Lily, Gaby continued, “And Lily? Well, do you know what happened to my heart? Well, when the first time I saw you, my heart fell in love with you,” she whispered.

“Aww my heart fell in love with you too,” her mother lovingly replied.

This is certainly the cutest thing you would watch on the internet today. Gaby has inspired me to express my love for my parents and tell them how deeply I care about them. What are your thoughts on the video?