Adnan Sami Posted A Selfie With The Great Khali And The Jokes Have Reached A New Height

Mujhko bhi toh lift karade, thodi si toh lift karade.

When asked to name an Adnan Sami song, this is the first thing that comes to my mind, like all of you. After wowing us all with his amazing music and equally amazing transformation, and with first picture of his baby girl, Adnan Sami has become quite an internet favourite.

Of late, Mr. Sami is doing rounds on Twitterfeed for his selfie with none other than The Great Khali. He bumped into him at Amritsar airport and posed for the camera.

Cute, right?

But then a selfie, the two, clicked became a talking point.

Netizens, then, found humour in the picture. 

People couldn’t miss the visible height difference between them and cracked up.

Then, some more.

Then, some green humour. 😛

Glad he didn’t use one.

But, eh? Why? Khali is a actually a softie (people say that!).

Well, yeah.

Because, Adnan Sami can and will get those “high notes” right.

Not quite appropriate humour, buddy!

Aha! Right there.

That’s so sweet of this guy. 🙂

Dono miyan subhan allah.

But whatever be it, the selfie is pretty cute and we are liking it.