Marwari Couple’s Incredible Transformation Leaves Everyone Amazed

We all love to read a good transformation story. Don’t we? And this is definitely one of these extremely motivating ones which will force you to get your ass back on the treadmill.

Meet 40-year-old Aditya Sharma and his wife Gayatri Sharma, who not only changed their physique incredibly but also stand as an inspiration to many. Aditya weighed 72 kgs and Gayatri 62 kgs, when they kicked off their journey to ‘fitness’.

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However, Aditya decided to bring about a change when his shirts did not fit him properly.

In a bid to improve his physique, he dedicated the next three months to vigorous excercise and nutritious food. While Aditya was slowly moving closer to his dreams, his family members were upset with his schedule. Aditya, who belonged to a Marwari family, was also mocked by outsiders for his steps. Speaking about the same, he said,

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“Initially, it was very hard to convince my family members as every mother wants to feed her son good food and can’t see him starving or refraining from having delicacies that she has cooked for him.”

But, that did not affect the man at all. He continued to move forward with the same fire in his belly, for months. Losing 20 kgs in a matter of time, his body fat phenomenally decreased to just 8%. After successfully losing the excess fat, he concentrated on developing lean muscles and abs. Upon witnessing his unbelievable progress, people started taking advice from him.

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According to Times of India, he restricted himself to paneer and soya chunks for breakfast and lunch. And for dinner, Aditya has rice with paneer.

They say, “behind every successful man, there is a woman.” And Aditya’s wife Gayatri is a prime example of the same. While the world turned against him and his dreams, it was Gayatri who acted as a constant motivation for Aditya. Not only did she support him but also trained with him to transform her own!

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Guided by Aditya himself, she lost 11 kgs in just 3 months and gave herself a 25-inch waistline. Wow. Of course, the mother of two had to give up on her sweet cravings for the same.

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If that wasn’t enough, she also completed her nutrition expert course from a renowned institute. And now, they both are professional nutrition consultants and offer online classes to their clients. Now that’s couple goals. Right?

Take a bow, Aditya and Gayatri Sharma. WE. ARE. MIND-BLOWN.

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