Aditya Narayan Reveals How His Mom Convinced GF Shweta To Go Out With Him


Singer and TV host Aditya Narayan has been in the news recently after he confirmed his relationship with girlfriend Shweta Agarwal and talked about having a simple wedding in a temple after refuting bankruptcy reports.

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As per a report in HT, he opened up about the initial days of their courtship, and how Shweta had rejected his first offer for lunch after hearing ‘bad things’ about him. He also revealed how his mother had to get involved to dissolve her apprehensions about his ‘womanizer’ image.

Aditya and Shweta met on the film sets of ‘Shaapit’, and he asked her out to lunch as a bonding exercise. He said, “Actually, one cannot call my first date a date in real because we were shooting for our film, Shaapit, at that time. I asked her to hang out with me and have lunch, it wasn’t a date kind of set-up. In fact, she had rejected me for that matter as well.”

He continued about how his mother had to then step in, “Then, my mother was the one who told her that you should have lunch together since you both are doing a film. So, we went to a restaurant named 5 Spice in Oshiwara, and vo muh fulaake baithi thi (she’d pulled a face) for 30 minutes as if she had no interest in life. Bohot badi meherbani ki thi saamne baithke (I’ll forever be grateful for her having the heart to accompany me).”

He also shared how Shweta was apprehensive of his ‘womanizer’ reputation before she realized that he was ‘a family man’. He explained, “I clearly remember she liked me for the first time when she saw me bonding with my family members, so she realised that I am a family man, and for me, relations matter. Because even she had heard bad things about me that main ladkiyan ghumata tha (I was a womaniser). So, I could understand her apprehension.”

This shows how certain things are just meant to be in life. We wish the couple happy times ahead!

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