Aditya Narayan Refutes Bankruptcy Reports, Talks About Having A Simple Wedding In A Temple


Singer and television host Aditya Narayan recently shocked his fans and friends after he was quoted saying that he’s depleted all his savings. According to reports, Aditya also said that he has only Rs 18,000 left in his bank account and he might have to sell off his bike to survive.

But, the actor has refuted reports of him going bankrupt saying that in the interview that “took place more than a month ago” his “general observations” were misinterpreted. Now, in a recent interview with The Indian Express, Junior Narayan admitted facing financial crisis amid coronavirus lockdown, however, he added that the reports were exaggerated.

“It’s unprecedented times, and none of us had ever imagined sitting at home for months. I did face a tough time like many others, but I am not bankrupt. Everything is fine now, and I hope things take a turn for the better from here.”

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The 33-year-old further divulged that he was touched when his friends from the industry called to check on him after the earlier report of him going bankrupt spread like wildfire. “I was shocked when so many people started calling me after the report. I must, however, admit that I was also touched because a lot of friends in the industry offered help. That goes to show that they genuinely care for me.”

Hindustan Times quoted him saying:

“After working for more than two decades and that too working continuously how can I go moneyless? On a serious note to my fans and well-wishers, look back at the kind of work I have done in the past years and calculate if at all I will need any financial help. Please do not worry about me. By God’s grace, I won’t come to this kind of situation as I have a very simple lifestyle and I know when and how to spend money. I am not a person who would show-off assets like my house, cars, and holidays.”

Aditya had earlier informed that he might get married to beau Shweta Agarwal by year-end. Sharing how the wedding preparation is going on, he said, “Whatever time I get, we are trying our best to get the wedding prep done. We want to maintain all the guidelines, so, for now, it’s just 50 people. That has left all of us scratching our heads harder (laughs).”

“Shweta and I have known each other for more than a decade now, and we plan to have a simple wedding in a temple. We will await the new protocols by the end of the month to finalize on other things. It’s so funny that after the latest news reports, even my Sasuralwale (in-laws) got worried and started panic calling me.”

We’re glad that everything has turned out well for Aditya. Hope to see you in your wedding ensemble, soon.

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