“Teri Chaddi Utaar Doonga”, Aditya Narayan Abuses Airline Staff For Extra Baggage Fees

Aditya Narayan has become a household name ever since he started anchoring the show, ‘Sa, Re, Ga, Ma, Pa’. He is the son of singer Udit Narayan which has further ensured better exposure for him as he started singing and performing at a very early age. People adore Aditya Narayan and his silly antics on TV but this time his antics aren’t so silly.


Aditya Narayan was recently spotted at Raipur airport when he was travelling from Raipur to Mumbai. However, the anchor and singer was not so discreet in his behaviour when he was asked to pay extra baggage fees as he was carrying overweight baggage of 40 kgs.

He proceeded to argue that he would pay only Rs 10,000 instead of the actual Rs 13,000 as charges for the extra baggage fees. As reported by Hindustan Times, Narayan was making a video where he used abusive language with a female staff and when he was asked to stop he started shouting even louder.

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In the video the Duty Manager can be seen politely asking the star kid to not use profanity. At this Aditya Narayan proceeded to exclaim that even if they bar him from entering the flight he would reach Mumbai soon and stormed off after yelling,

“Teri chaddi nahi utarwayi maine toh mera naam Aditya Narayan nahi.” 

(My name is not Aditya Narayan if I don’t get your underwear removed)

Indigo Airlines has released a statement regarding the whole fiasco with the anchor and singer adding that after he was informed that he would not be allowed on the flight, he apologised to the ground staff, following which he was allowed to board the flight.

You can watch the video here:


Aditya Narayan’s behaviour with the officials of a commercial airline has been condemned by Twitterati, as his behaviour just for extra baggage fees was completely unjustified.

1. Grow up!

2. Nepotism at it again?

3. True…

4. Early to the No-fly list?

5. Ouch!

6. Shame!


7. Old habits.

8. A bad example for kids.

9. A question on his upbringing.

10. A publicity stunt?

Not many people can handle fame and a privileged lifestyle especially when they are exposed to it from a tender age. Aditya Narayan’s behaviour with a person who was just doing his duty goes to show exactly that. We hope that he learns to show a little bit of humility when it comes to his every action being in the public eye.

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