This Epic Rant By Aditi Mittal Serves A Tight Slap To The Fairness Cream Industry

Aditi Mittal is known for cheeky replies, witty sense of humour, and recently her absolute hate for fairness creams. She recently tweeted about a fairness cream brand:


And then went on:


And on:


And on:


She is very pissed with how our entire nation is obsessed with ‘Being Gora’ instead of being human:


And she went ‘deeper’ into the concept of being ‘gora by birth’:


And soon enough the reason for so much hate was out:


And she made a point with this very crude, but true statement:


And she asked a very important question that had clearly been baffling all of us:



And then she just made the hate obvious:


And then she tweeted something that every Indian fairness cream tries to portray:

Not fair = You are a loser who will definitely fail in life. #FairnessCreamLogic


Obviously she got cheeky because #Aditi:


And at the end she, very cleverly points out that it’s the ‘soch’ that matters and no amount of fairness cream can change a despicable mind:

Aditi Mittal, you’re the one. Indians, why you no think like her?