Furious Shekhar Suman Slams Media House That Published ‘Fake’ News Of Son Adhyayan’s Suicide

When you’re a celebrity, it’s difficult to keep your life private and stay away from making headlines. However, it’s appalling when news publications write something derogatory and false about you.

Recently, film personality Shekhar Suman and his family got the shock of their lives when a well-known media house posted a news article claiming that this younger son, Adhyayan Suman, died by suicide while he was in Delhi.

Needless to say, this fake news got the worst of Shekhar and he immediately took necessary measures. Clearing the air, Shekhar took to Twitter and condemned the news organization for their callous behavior.

He even demanded a public apology from the organization and urged government authorities to take strict actions against them.

In another tweet, Shekhar wrote that he will be taking legal actions against the news organization in question.

However, after his incessant tweets, a journalist from the organization did apologize to him, but in vain.

Clearly, Shekhar is in no mood to brush this incident under the carpet. Hence, when the publication issued an apology, he reacted by saying, “We are not relenting at all.”

“The damage caused by them cannot be compensated for by a mere apology. We are going all the way as far as possible legally. We want this case to be an example for all those who put out highly damaging and defamatory news just for hits and TRPs.”

“We want that they should think of how deeply damaging irresponsible reportage can be,” News18 quoted him saying.

Reacting to this blunder, he had earlier said, “When my wife Alka and I heard this we were numbed. Adhyayan was in Delhi and his phone was out of reach. We died a thousand deaths until we reached him. Just announcing to the world that my son has committed suicide-it’s absolutely unpardonable. You can imagine what my wife and I went through.”

Adhyayan, on the other hand, was captured strolling around his Mumbai house. Calling the misinformation ‘shameful’ he said, “If I’m dead then who is speaking to you, my ghost?”

He further said, “I was in a meeting when people started calling me. People were nervous as I could not pick calls. Even when my mom called. She was obviously in shock and could not believe the reports,” reported Hindustan Times.

“This is so wrong! To hear that your child has died by suicide! Why would you report this? Why would you write such things about me? I am happy in my life and am working hard. I do not need to commit suicide. I do not want anyone to die by suicide. How can you cook up such things about someone? It is shameful!),” an angry Adhyayan added.

He also posted a video saying that he’s alive.

Sadly, receiving fake news and such misinformation has now become a part of our morning routine. What do you think of Shekhar’s reaction to this and his decision to sue the publication? Tell us.

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