Aussie Cricketer Adam Zampa And GF Tried Using Hindi On Instagram, Wrote Abuses Instead. LOL!

Guys, remember Australian cricketer, Adam Zampa?

If you don’t, no big deal, it’s not like he is Ricky Ponting or Shane Warne or anything. Nor has he done anything great on the field lately that you should have your current affairs updated. It is something that I think is an accident (or maybe not, who knows?!) that has brought him into the limelight.

Adam Zampa plays for the ‘Rising Pune Supergiant’ team in the IPL and with the 10th season of the league underway, is currently in India with his girlfriend, Hattie Leigh Palmer.

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Like every other foreigner visiting the nation, Hattie tried her hand at the local language by writing a caption on her Instagram picture in Hindi. However, it probably wasn’t what she really wanted to say.

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And Zampa replied on the picture, with, you guessed it, another beloved ‘desi’ phrase.

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Needless to say, social media was elated with this gaffe by Zampa and Hattie. Check out these amazing reactions.

1. Couple goals, right there


2. Beautiful!

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3. Funniest thing, alright


4. Or pure genius!


5. Never!

Seems like Zampa’s Indian friends played the prank of a lifetime on him!

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