Norwegian Footballer Ada Hegerberg Asked To Twerk At Balon d’Or Ceremony, Moves On To Deliver Inspiring Speech

Luka Modric’s phenomenal victory in the Balon d’Or race marked the end of Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo’s decade-long dominance at the mega footballing event. However, the Croat’s big moment was overshadowed by Norwegian footballer Ada Hegerberg, who became the first woman to bag the illustrious trophy on Monday night.

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But unfortunately, the historic night won’t be remembered for the achievement of these two extraordinary talents but the controversy that came along.

In an absolutely shameful act, 23-year-old Hegerberg was asked to twerk live on stage by DJ and presenter Martin Solveig. According to NBC News, the French host embarrassed the Lyon footballer in front of the crowd by asking her if she knows how to do the dance.

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Hegerberg, who helped her club win the French title as well as the Champions League, quickly said ‘no’ and tried to leave the stage. However, she agreed to dance on a different song later, with Ginola.

Shortly after the ceremony, Solveig took to Twitter to share a video and apologize for his disgraceful remark.

The comment sparked outrage on social media with people slamming the presenter for being sexist.

Even British Tennis player Andy Murray expressed his anger over the shocking comment.

However, Ada showed the traits of a true champion by moving on from the immoral episode and delivering a speech, that defined class.

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According to The Mirror, she highlighted the moment, as the beginning of the rise of women’s football and promised to bring about a change together.

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“It’s a huge step for women’s football and together we will make a difference.”

She went on to thank her family and French football for crowning her as the best. Ending her speech, she had an important message for all the young girls out there.

“I would like to end my speech with some words for young girls all over the world. Please, believe in yourself.”

You can watch her full speech here:

While Martin Solveig pulled off an act of sheer stupidity, Hegerberg’s inspiring speech makes us salute the woman. Take a bow, Ada!